What Is A Filter Press? 
A filter press is a liquid / solids separation device. It consists of a series of plates with cloth or filter screens. A closure device is required which can be manual screw, or hydraulic. The closure device presses the plates together creating a sealed unit. Sludge is trapped between the plates, allowing the filtered liquid to be discharged. 

Who Needs A Filter Press? 
You do! If your company's process involves liquids which include solids, a filter press will reduce your disposal costs and Save You Money. 

How Does A Filter Press Work? 
A tilter press separates the liquids from the solids. By pumping the liquid I solids solution through the filter screens, the liquids pass through the screen leaving the solids behind in a compressed cake form. 

How Can A Filter Press Save Me Money? 
By removing the liquids from the solids, the volume of waste to be hauled is reduced by up to 90%. In some cases, the removal of waste solids will allow you to dispose of your liquids directly through the sewer system. With the reduction of hauling costs and lower labor costs, the company's bottom line profit will show a tremendous increase! 

What Size Press Do I Need? 
This depends on the amount of liquids produced daily and the percent of solids it contains. Take these figures and include the number of hours you are open. There are several formulas available to determine the system you need, your sales representative will assist you. Samples may be sent to our laboratory for analysis, ask your sales representative about this procedure. 

What Do I Need To Do? 
Ask for more information or call your nearest sales representative. We want to help you solve all your filtration problems! Take a positive step forward, make a Gemstone Environmental Filter Press a part of your waste treatment system.